A Change in Forecast: A Lesson on Patience & Resilience Amid Nature’s Whims

Winter has been a little slow to start in Southern Nevada. In December, people reached out and, in sort of an uncomfortable whisper, asked, “Will they even open this year?”

They meaning Lee Canyon.

Some added, “And after what they went through this year.”

What meaning Tropical Storm Hilary. It brought the resort’s summer season to a halt.

Lee Canyon not only recovered from the storm but also finished a $7 million capital improvement project that included adding two lifts and more parking.

Mid-December, the beginner hill opened. The resort made snow, and a small storm passed through. Everyone waited for Mother Nature to deliver a big storm.

It felt like months of waiting. (It wasn’t.)

❄️ Yesterday, a storm dropped 16 inches of snow on Lee Canyon.

🎉 Today, the resort opens the Bluebird quad chair, which serves the mountain’s upper terrain.

It turns out that this winter isn’t all that different from others–as Lee Canyon GM Dan Hooper points out in this story by business reporter Sean Hemmersmeier in today’s Las Vegas Review-Journal. STORY HERE.

So today, while Las Vegas skiers/boarders celebrate a bluebird powder day at Lee Canyon, remember that any situation can change dramatically–give it a day.



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