Case Studies

Skye Canyon

In 2015, when Skye Canyon was still dirt, the developer’s head of marketing explained that the community’s location could be a homebuyer’s greatest objection. But the master-planned community in northwest Las Vegas had an aspirational message that caught my attention: base camp for the great outdoors. The developer envisioned creating a community of people who value the outdoors, whether that meant savoring a sunset or hitting a trail. Having spent my career working with brands in the outdoor recreation space and moving to Las Vegas because of its proximity to the great outdoors, this was the perfect challenge. Eventually, location is what set Skye Canyon apart.

Southern Nevada Bicycle Coalition

Ask a Las Vegas cyclist where they were on December 10, 2020, and it is likely they can recount the moment they learned of the worst cycling tragedy in Southern Nevada’s history—when a box truck hit and killed five Las Vegas cyclists. I had worked with the Southern Nevada Bicycle Coalition four years earlier to develop a public education campaign, “More Space, Keep it Safe,” so I raised my hand to help deal with media in the aftermath of the tragedy.