Eternal Water Expands Sales Force to Support Explosive Year-Over-Year Growth

Adding more than 30 sales pros gives Eternal Water the “feet on the street” needed for the top-10 brand leading the category in growth.

Eternal Water announces it has nearly tripled its sales force, adding over 30 people to its team. This aggressive expansion comes as demand for the No. 3 selling alkaline water hits an all-time high. According to recent IRI reports[1], Eternal Water’s 24-week growth rate of 31 percent outpaced the premium water category, where it is currently a top-10 brand. Its year-over-year growth in convenience checked in at 52 percent, and US foods increased by 28.2 percent. In the natural channel, where Eternal Water has a 7.3 percent market share, demand grew by more than 47 percent over 24 weeks[2].

“This is our time. Consumers are more educated than ever before; they want naturally alkaline water,” says Eternal’s Founder and CEO Karim Mashouf. “Investing in feet on the street is necessary to make an impact at retail. The timing of various acquisitions within the beverage category allowed us to handpick the top sales talent in the business who can take Eternal Water to the category’s top spot.”

In the last 12 months, Eternal Water increased the distribution points nationwide by over 50,000. The brand’s focus is to continue this aggressive growth trajectory of its distributor and retail network.

“We’ve brought on a mix of talent who thrive on brand-building and making an impact. These are category specialists who have earned the trust of retailers and distributors,” says VP of Sales Craig Miller, who, along with VP of Sales Chris Schons, joined Eternal Water late last year. “Eternal is one of the highest velocity premium waters, and our sales team is creating even more energy for the brand.”

Eternal Water is sold in more than 30,000 retail outlets nationwide, including Albertsons, Circle K, CVS, Kroger, Publix, Sprouts, and many others. Under the leadership of its new sales and marketing team, the brand expects to increase that footprint to over 150,000 locations within the next three to ve years.


Eternal Water, established in 2008, is the No. 3 selling alkaline water in the United States. It is also the No. 3 selling premium sourced water brand and one of the highest velocity premium waters in the country. Eternal Water is naturally filtered through ancient rock layers, absorbing essential minerals and making it naturally alkaline. Eternal Water owns and operates its facilities lessening the brand’s carbon footprint. To learn more about Eternal Water,




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