The Las Vegas Cyclist Memorial (LVCM), established to support the families of the LV5, the cyclists killed in a tragic accident on December. 10, 2020, recently launched the LV5 Cycling Kit Design Contest. The contest is free to enter and open to everyone; professional and amateur designers and people passionate about cycling. The Ghost Bikes logo and a design element to represent the LV5 must be included in the submission. Creatives should consider cyclist safety in terms of patterns and colors. Submissions are due by Friday, Jan. 15, 2021. The winning design will be produced as a kit; 100 percent of the cycling kits’ proceeds will go to the LVCM’s family relief fund. Contest rules are available at    

While the contest is open to people of all ages and outside Las Vegas, entrants under 18 years-old must mail in their entry with a waiver completed by a parent or guardian. Other entries can be submitted online. More details are available online in the “Cycling Kit Design Rules” section of the LVCM website. 

 “The loss we suffered in Las Vegas has had a profound impact on people around the world. This contest is a way to bring people together, exercise creativity, and devise a solution that can help to protect cyclists,” explained Pat Treichel, founder of Ghost Bikes Las Vegas. “It’s also a way to honor the memory of the LV5.” 

The advocacy groups, including Ghost Bikes Las Vegas, working together have a goal to raise $1 million to offer relief for the families of the LV5, Aksoy Ahmet, 48, Michael Murray, 57, Gerrard Nieva, 41, Erin Ray, 39, and Tom Trauger, 57, the cyclists lost on Dec. 10.

 The winning artist will appear on the LVCM website and social media channels of its partner organizations. Judges for the contest are leaders of the advocacy organizations that comprise LVCM.  

About Las Vegas Cyclist Memorial
The Las Vegas Cyclist Memorial (LVCM) is an alliance of cycling advocacy organizations working to establish safer cycling in Southern Nevada and offer support for families of the local cyclists killed in traffic accidents. LVCM works with local and state lawmakers to create innovative solutions to transform Nevada into a cycling-safe state. Organizations include Breakaway Cycling, Ghost Bikes Las Vegas, Save Red Rock, and Southern Nevada Bicycle Coalition. For more information, visit  



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