To secure Red Rock Canyon’s future, through August 31, Nevada residents are urged to call for funding projects at Red Rock Canyon and support local tourism.

The Great American Outdoors Act passed earlier this month, releasing millions of dollars to support Nevada’s public lands. To secure the future of Red Rock Canyon, today Save Red Rock launches “Red Rock Attitude of Gratitude.”  The campaign urges Nevada residents to send ready-to-use thank you notes to the six Nevada elected officials who unanimously voted to pass the landmark legislation. The easy to use tool is available at

According to Save Red Rock Founder Heather Fisher, this move is as important as public support at government meetings and public protests. “We applaud our elected officials for passing the Great American Outdoors Act. But now we need to make our voices heard, so we can be sure that Red Rock Canyon receives the funding it desperately needs and deserves,” says Fisher.  Residents can also call their elected officials; information is available at

The bill’s passing provides full and permanent funding for the Land and Water Conservation Fund, which could improve and protect parks and open spaces like Red Rock Canyon. Funds are needed to support projects like the Red Rock Legacy Trail, the restoration of Cottonwood Springs, and Lovell Canyon, much need fire prevention and a host of other projects that will preserve Red Rock National Conservation Area for the future. Yet at stake is the Las Vegas economy.

“Our city’s tourism numbers are down due to COVID, yet our public lands like Red Rock Canyon are open and provide a safe environment,” says Pauline van Betten, executive director of Save Red Rock. “Public lands are an essential space for residents and support tourism both now and in the future.”

According to the Outdoor Industry Association, in Nevada, the outdoor recreation economy generates 87,000 direct jobs, $12.6 billion in consumer spending, and $4 billion in wages and $1.1 billion in state and local tax revenue. “Protecting Red Rock Canyon supports our economy,” van Betten says.   

Information about the Great American Outdoors Act and the LWCF can be found at

About Save Red Rock

Save Red Rock Canyon CDC 501c3 is a nonprofit organization working to preserve the safety, serenity, and scenic nature of the Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area. Save Red Rock strives to protect the rural character and prioritize recreational and environmental needs over other uses not conducive to the primary uses as determined by the public and the NCA’s mission. For more information, visit or connect with Save Red Rock on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.




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