Cyclists will gather in Downtown Las Vegas during the Nov. 5 First Friday to Celebrate Cycling.

This morning, at a press conference in Downtown Las Vegas, Southern Nevada Bicycle Coalition (SNVBC) introduced Let’s Get There Together: Look Ahead. Be Visible. End Collisions. This is the nonprofit’s third public education campaign since the Dec. 10, 2020 cycling tragedy. Let’s Get There Together delivers an aspirational message and call-to-action for stakeholders: motorists, cyclists, and pedestrians. Traffic fatalities in Southern Nevada are up more than 27 percent over 2020, making this one of the worst years in history. This year five cyclists have been killed in Clark County; last year, at this time, that number was two.

After the press conference, Councilwoman Olivia Diaz cut the ribbon on DTLV’s first cycling mural, located at the historic Corner Building (100 E. California Avenue) and created by local artist Shan Michael Evans. Evans also created artwork for Let’s Get There Together. Starting Monday, Let’s Get There Together billboards will pop up around the valley, along with bus shelters.

Let’s Get There Together asks stakeholders to be invested in one another arriving safely at their respective destinations and achieving zero fatalities, which is SNVBC’s goal. The call-to-action is:

Look Ahead: Stakeholders must identify obstacles and make immediate adjustments to avoid a collision. For motorists, this includes noticing cyclists or pedestrians and paying attention to things like obstructions in the bike lane forcing a cyclist ahead to move into their lane.

Be Visible: Cyclists and pedestrians should wear bright or reflective clothing and have proper lights on their bikes, even during daylight hours.

End Collisions: In addition to the above, motorists should change lanes when overtaking a cyclist. If that is not possible, they should give a cyclist three feet of space. Motorists should also decrease speed when approaching an occupied crosswalk.

“We must reimagine our roads as safe, work together and be considerate of one another,” says Rob Hutchinson, SNVBC president. “Las Vegas is at a critical point; our behavior on the road and thinking must shift.”

Let’s Get There Together artist Evans is also the November First Friday Featured Artist. He has been creating murals in DTLV since 2004 and has been commissioned for many private works. Evans has also had numerous solo and worldwide gallery showings. Let’s Get There Together artwork was curated by Brian “Paco” Álvarez, CEO of Psionic Artworks, a Las Vegas native, anthropologist, and thought leader in the arts. Álvarez grew up racing mountain bikes and is a longtime cycling commuter; he donated his time to the effort.

Wall space for the mural was provided by the ownership of the historic Corner Building, built-in 1945, preserved and maintained by Main Street Properties group, and managed by Metroplex Realty and Paul Murad. Mural sponsors include Ahern Rentals and Dunn Edwards Paint.

During November’s First Friday, Nov. 5, all bicyclists are invited to Celebrate Cycling in the Downtown Las Vegas Arts District. Festivities include a social group ride, bicycle safety checks by Las Vegas Cyclery, bicycle helmet and light giveaways, and two bicycle-inspired public art projects. Apart from the group ride, all activities take place at the Cycling Vendor Village, located at 1208 S. Casino Center Blvd., near the corner of E. California Avenue and S. Main Street.

The vendor village includes the American Heart Association, E-Bike Marketplace, Gizmo Cycling, Ghost Bikes Las Vegas, Las Vegas Cyclery, Regional Transportation Commission of Southern Nevada (RTC), and Save Red Rock. Author Alan Snel will be signing his book Bicycle Man: Life of Journeys.

Social Group Ride
6:30 p.m. |
Government Center (500 S. Grand Central)

Bring your bicycle or reserve a rental bike from the RTC’s Bike Share fleet. There are limited Bike Share bikes, and they will be first-come, first-served. The ride starts at 6:30 p.m., departing from the Government Center (500 S. Grand Central), where parking is available. Bicyclists will travel through the Arts District. The ride will end at the corner of E. California and S. Main Street. People are encouraged to decorate their bikes with lights. Riders must register to participate and reserve a bike.

Community Mural Project
5 to 9:30 p.m. | 1208 S. Casino Center Blvd (Near E. California Ave and S. Main St.)
You don’t have to be an artist to help complete SNVBC’s community bicycle mural. Created by local artist Shan Michael Evans, this “paint-by-numbers” style mural allows the community to contribute. Paint and brushes will be available, and SNVBC volunteers and local artists will be on hand to provide guidance.

#NoMoreGhostBikes Community Art Project
5 to 9:30 p.m. | 1208 S. Casino Center Blvd (Near E. California Ave and S. Main St.)

When a bicyclist is killed in Las Vegas, Ghost Bikes LV places a white bike as a quiet memorial and reminder to people to slow down and be safe. The organization’s goal is to no longer exist. In a show of hope, the community will paint a white ghost bike a rainbow of color.

SNVBC’s partners include Arista Wealth Management, Clark County School District’s Safe Routes to School program, Olympia Companies, developer of Skye Canyon and Southern Highlands, the Regional Transportation Commission of Southern Nevada (RTC), and UNLV’s Vulnerable Road User Project, local jurisdictions, and advocacy organizations like Save Red Rock and Ghost Bikes Las Vegas.



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