Case Study: Skye Canyon

Skye Canyon logo

In 2015, when Skye Canyon was still dirt, the developer’s head of marketing explained that the community’s location could be a homebuyer’s greatest objection. But the master-planned community in northwest Las Vegas had an aspirational message that caught my attention: base camp for the great outdoors. The developer envisioned creating a community of people who value the outdoors, whether that meant savoring a sunset or hitting a trail. Having spent my career working with brands in the outdoor recreation space and moving to Las Vegas because of its proximity to the great outdoors, this was the perfect challenge. Eventually, location is what set Skye Canyon apart.

The northwest region of the Las Vegas valley had long been perceived as being “far away.” Skye Canyon is nestled next to the Spring Mountains National Recreation Area. Its location means breathtaking mountain views and nearby outdoor adventures like hiking, rock climbing, mountain biking, and skiing. I helped Skye Canyon to bring their vision to life, so that base camp for the great outdoors was more than a tagline.

It started with a compelling social media campaign that helped prospective buyers understand the community’s proximity and connection to the great outdoors—and showed how Skye is just 20-minutes from places like Downtown Las Vegas, the same as other communities. Before the first resident moved in, Skye Canyon’s social media served as a go-to source of information about happenings in the local outdoor scene, especially adventures and events in the Spring Mountains. As the community launched its Fit Lives Here event series, which helped strengthen the brand’s position, that content became community-focused.

Skye Pass

I enjoy pairing clients for exciting and mutually beneficial collaborations. The community’s Skye Pass program was kicked off with a partnership between Skye and Lee Canyon and offered Skye Canyon residents incentive pricing and VIP perks during the ski season. Other collaborations between the brands were the Spread the Warmth Coat & Sock Drive for Project 150, a nonprofit supporting homeless youth in Clark County, and the annual Pray for Snow aprés-ski-themed party and pep rally for ski season held at Skye Center.

And when it comes to brand authenticity, no detail is too small. That’s why when Lee Canyon mentioned they still had original lift chairs from back in the 1960s in storage, I connected with Skye’s team, who refurbished chairs for their ski-lodge style home-finding and community center.

To appreciate what it’s like to live near the Spring Mountains means having the opportunity to spend some time there. I pitched events like Skye and Stars, a stargazing event led by the Las Vegas Astronomical Society. The event drew more than 1,000 people, families and groups, and groups of young single professionals from all parts of the valley to experience Skye Canyon’s magical sunsets and the dark night sky. Skye and Stars became a part of the community’s Fit Lives Here series. Another event was Silent Savasana, a unique outdoor yoga experience led by one of my favorite local instructors whose events at other venues were attracted hundreds of residents who were perfect candidates to live at Skye.

A unique feature of Skye Canyon is that all of its major streets have bike lanes. Creating a partnership with the Southern Nevada Bicycle Coalition not only presented the opportunity for the developer to talk about why bike lanes are necessary for master-planned communities but helped to fund vital public education programs about Nevada’s 3-Feet/move over law that help to ensure cyclist safety.

Many brands try to capture the attention of outdoor enthusiasts with slick marketing collateral. But Skye’s partnerships and events supported its storytelling. In addition to generating millions of earned media impressions, this created a strong foundation supporting the brand’s growth.